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Why Public Policy

The Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc., will continue to serve as a vital informer, shedding light on public policies that adversely affect individuals who have been disenfranchised and marginalized based on such policies. Our focus is to uniquely deliver grass-roots information relative to policies that affect members in our community while simultaneously delivering the independence and accuracy of current research necessary to inform current debates and impending decisions.


Today, more than ever, our decision makers in America need a grass-root, trustworthy purveyor of testimony and awareness to confirm that crucial decisions are rooted in reliable information. It is the Public Policy Institute for Justice, COGIC, Inc., desire to provide that rare voice of reason among the rhetoric and easily declared sound bites dominated in political posturing. The Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc., is determined to continue to serve as that trusted source for stakeholders, including the following: 


  • Local, County, State and Federal lawmakers in connection with programs and services


  • Mayors and City Council officials who need to discover additional approaches to employ resources


  • State Agencies, who aspire additional recommendations as they execute federal programs or pilot new policies


  • Local nonprofits, who strive for additional partnerships to expand capacity, increase performance and effectiveness


  • Community foundations, who desire to partner their priorities in order to expand the matching priorities of their region’s needs, thereby investing in efforts that are most likely to change outcomes


  • Persons and families, who wish to be better abreast about their communities and the policies that could shape their future

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