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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Upon initial glimpse, inclusion may perhaps translate as diversity. Although the two expressions seem too often stand as one, truth be told, they denote infinitely dissimilar issues. Diversity exist when there are individuals that comprise the staff of any organization from all walks of life. Inclusion, however, is interacting with those diverse employees throughout the life of the organization on every level. Recruiting is capable of advancing your diversity, however nurturing an inclusive work philosophy will maintain them.


The Public Policy Institute for Justice chosen stand is to unlock mentalities, affect choices, and suggest remedies entrenched in grass-root fiscal and community policy examination. To advance this cause, we will ascertain from and incorporate in our analysis the realities of the individuals and neighborhoods at the core of the issues we examine. These endeavors are vital to the health, vitality, and significance of our organization and, furthermost critically, to the merit of the information and evidence we convey.


Enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) must became a formal priority in every corporation, organization and institutions, in order for it to become part of the fabric of our society.  There must be a concerted effort to develop an realistic roadmap that will outline the aspirational vision, and fixed distinct targets that pinpoint actions on the road to each goal, and designate responsibilities to a mixture of leaders across the organization. It establishes targets for two jointly fortifying areas:


  • Workforce configuration. Entities must recruit, obtain, and maintain a diverse workforce—as well as, from traditionally underrepresented groups—with the full intention of providing training that will aid in acquiring the skill sets to meet business needs and to excel.


  • Workplace culture. Personnel of contrasting experiences and viewpoints will appreciate a community of shared respect, inclusivity, and cooperative interaction knowing that diversity is valued.


It is for these reasons the Public Policy Institute for Justice research content and communication will include examination that transmits respect for all people, steer clear of the prolongation of stereotypes, have appreciation for significant historical and social perspectives, and engages diverse audiences.


This roadmap will continue to guide our DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) endeavors and deliver unmistakable mechanisms for holding our own selves accountable for actions and outcomes.


At heart, diversity, equity and inclusion are based on fostering respect and appreciating differences. This means that a real movement for inclusion should be embedded in every company culture.

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