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Our Vision, Values and Goals

Our Vision

Our Vision

The Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc., mission is to expose minds, affect decisions, and propose solutions rooted in economic and social policy research. To accomplish the vision our mission, must create a center of attention and sustain a diversity of environments, experiences, abilities, and philosophy. We must promote an inclusive organization, where all staff feel respected, recognized, involved, and valued. Our learning must include in our research the experiences of the people and communities at the heart of the issues we examine. These endeavors are critical to the well-being, vitality, and relevance of our institution and, furthermost, to the quality of the information we deliver.

Our Values

The Public Policy Institute For Justice adheres to a set of core values, beliefs, and principles that guide our organization’s choices and staff actions as we meet our mission of informing and improving public policy:

We produce high-quality research and information for policymakers. We seek to recruit and retain top talent.

We pride ourselves on rigorous research that is nonpartisan and objective. We report findings and recommendations that are based on unbiased empirical inquiry.

We provide information that is responsive to both immediate and long-term demands of state policymaking. We engage broadly with civic, business, labor, nonprofit, government, educational, and research groups.

We disclose our methods, resources, and processes and provide free access to our publications to all interested parties.

We are committed to a workplace that offers mutual respect, collegiality, collaboration, and inclusiveness; that supports personal, family, and professional development; and that demonstrates leadership in our environmental practices, appreciation for the state’s diverse people and regions, and recognition of the importance of public service.

Our Goals

Enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is at the center of the Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc., since its inception. We share with delight our aspirational vision, that sets in concrete our objective that establishes goals for three mutually reinforcing domains:


  • Staff composition. The Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc., will endeavor to recruit, attract, and retain diverse staff—including from factually underrepresented groups.


  • Workplace culture. All staff members of varying backgrounds and viewpoints will experience a community of united respect, inclusivity, and collegiality and know that diversity is valued.


  • Research content and communication. The Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc.,  will generate thorough information that conveys respect for all people, precludes the propagation of stereotypes, recognizes applicable historical and social perspectives, and engages diverse audiences.

These endeavors will serve as a mainstay to guide our DEI efforts and provide clear apparatuses to hold ourselves responsible for actions and results.

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