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How the PPIJ Operates

Clapping Audience


One of our major principles is centered around connectivity with open and like-minded people to discuss new testimony, disclose constructive methods, and investigate how policy outcomes play out in actual life.


Accumulating information throughout sectors

The Public Policy Institute for Justice, COGIC, Inc., maintains continued conversations among researchers, legislators, consultants, grass-root community citizens, and activists that deliver various assessments on evidence with fresh observations about how to confront today’s policy challenges.


Disclosing evidence amongst wide-ranging audiences

In order to highlight the necessity for policy changes that provide equitable outcomes, we have concluded that we must also convene high-level newsmakers, as well as, engage the media for events that are accessible through live streams and recorded webcasts.


Underscoring existing deliberations by means of various Arts

The Public Policy Institute for Justice, COGIC, Inc., will facilitate engaging dialogues with artists in various fields from book authors, film makers, and other events that link policy decisions to communities that convey proof to life.

Strategic Messaging

We recognize the importance of sharing undeniable personal accounts to express with wider audiences why and how facts make a difference.


Statistics Imagining

We intend to provide statistic visualization by creating maps and other collaborating elements that convey statistics into life transforming visualization which allow individuals to understand who and where their decisions are being impacted.



Storytelling promotes understanding other people by providing a window into their world of culture, conditions, and situations. Therefore, we understand the importance of capturing the experiences of community at the core of our investigation—often in their own expressions—showing the penetration of social and economic difficulties, the force of policy changes, and the solutions that are creating a transformation in people’s lives.


Customized Outreach 

The Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc., will concentrate on developing and executing strategies that take advantage of the full range of media conduits to connect our results to their intended audiences, from national opinionmakers to local community leaders.


Integrated Project Management

Based on our various areas of service, our team possess the ability to administer and execute multilayered, multiyear initiatives that build capacity and shape debates on every level of government, corporate and community.

Strategic Advising and Assistance

We collaborate with various stakeholders to tackle their most pressing problems with fact-based solutions and insights.


Crafting new solutions

Drawing on the best available evidence, PPIJ partners with decisionmakers and practitioners to develop innovative solutions to economic and social challenges.


Counseling philanthropy

The PPIJ advises foundations and individuals on successful investment strategies by providing evidence-based guidance on promising interventions and trends. We also help new and established philanthropists understand the evolving nonprofit ecosystem and identify new areas for grantmaking.


Achieving better outcomes

Through webinars, in-person trainings, consultations, site visits, and technical assistance, The PPIJ builds the capacity of nonprofits, practitioners, and local leaders to use data to target and evaluate their interventions.


Putting evidence into practice

Our experts develop tools and guidance that translate evidence into recommendations for practitioners. We also build and support communities of practice that connect researchers with nonprofit-, private-, and public-sector leaders.


Equipping researchers with new skills

Through tutoring in data visualization and digital communications, through sessions with journalists, and more, we teach researchers at nonprofits and universities how to bring insights to new audiences and navigate the media and policy landscapes.

Research and Examination

We answer the tough questions facing today’s policymakers, philanthropists, and practitioners.


What’s happening, and why?

The PPIJ’s experts gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to measure and explain persistent social and economic challenges as well as emerging trends.


What if?

We use sophisticated microsimulation models that test new policy ideas, explore alternative futures, and estimate how demographic, behavioral, and policy changes might affect people and communities.


What works?

Our researchers design and conduct randomized controlled trials, rapid-cycle evaluations, and other research methods to evaluate how policies and programs work in the real world.


How is your organization doing?

The PPIJ helps nonprofits and public agencies test promising new program designs, determine program and service effectiveness, and measure returns on investment. Our experts also design indicators and data-collection strategies to support continuous learning.


How are people and communities affected?

We amplify the voices, experiences, and perspectives of the people and communities most affected by social and economic policies by including them in how we design, implement, and interpret our research.

In our function to advance the well-being of individuals and groups across the United States, the Public Policy Institute for Justice, COGIC, Inc., possesses a distinctive advantage: our ongoing capability to harvest new information about social and economic issues and to carefully excavate the particulars for understanding.

Nonetheless, the additional knowledge of these details singlehandedly don't revolutionize lives. That’s why our authorities convert the specifics for various addressees and expound in what manner the people and communities most directly affected are impacted. Our work improves their crucial decisions and consequently has a direct impact on individuals, families and communities.


The Public Policy Institute for Justice COGIC, Inc., intention is to tender awareness and a wide range of testimony-informed knowledge, services, and partnerships.

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