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History of the PPIJ


The Church of God in Christ, Inc. has been intertwined with the civil rights movement throughout the last century.  With the need to continue to fight for justice and equity for minorities, the Public Policy Institute for Justice, Church of God in Christ (COGIC), Inc. was established in 2004 to serve as the official arm to continue the work of equity. 


Its responsibilities are not limited to any geographical area, but its work is intricately tied to a much larger role by assuming a place on the national religious and political scene. The continued work provides the Pubic Policy Institute for Justice, COGIC, Inc., to further expand their tentacles of speaking truth to power and standing with those who are often neglected in our communities.

Our legacy is our passion and drive to fight for those left on the margins of society, who are too frequently politically disenfranchised by politicians, corporate and institutional leaders. Our endeavor is to give a voice to the claims of legitimate discontent and make a statement about important public policy issues on behalf of underserved communities.

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