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chauvin's guilty verdict

The Trusted Voice

Acquiring the right information matters to getting everything else right. That’s why the Public Policy Institute for Justice, COGIC, Inc. is the trusted voice for understanding that help decisionmakers enhance their understanding about today’s challenges and for information that inspires solutions. We must elevate the dialogue with grass-roots information.


Many Americans today reject facts that don’t  comport with their worldview or personal experience.  They hold starkly different beliefs about what ails our society and about the right path forward. People feel left out and left behind. They feel contempt from and for others. This environment of distrust and disillusionment is eroding civil society. And it’s in this time of polarization and potentially dramatic policy change that the right information matters more than ever.


Information and dialogues help us understand the country’s most complex economic and social problems.

Information and dialogues help us craft relevant solutions to these seemingly intractable challenges (State of Michigan Capitol).

State Capitol.jpg
Parent and Child.jpg

Information and dialogues help us predict how potential changes will affect people’s lives.

Information and dialogues help us hold institutions accountable when solutions fall short (U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.).

US Capitol.jpg

But we need more than information to build trust and understanding.


The Public Policy Institute for Justice, COGIC, Inc. quest is to convey perceptiveness in relatable ways relative to issues that face our society. We substantiate our information in the reality of life around and in the challenges faced by state and local leaders and their communities.


In this conflicting time, information matter more than ever. Collaboration remains the best hope we have of rebuilding the trust of a cynical public so we can conquer shared challenges.

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